Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KITCHEN CABINETS ~ Painted and glazed

These are pictures of kitchen cabinets that I'm currently working on. The kitchen is large and when complete will have three different painted finishes. A dark black/brown, a ash/brown and a crackle finish on the island all topped with beautiful selected granite. I can't wait to see this kitchen finished!

In the cabinets past life they were a light stain oak in really good condition, for the update I am painting, glazing and clear coating for a final protective finish.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I've just completed this portrait on canvas for a client. He's a sweet little boy with his father. I don't do many portraits and I am pleased with this one.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

The things you can do with paint chips!!

There's all sorts of projects that can be done with paint chips. I thought this one was really cute since Christmas is just around the corner!

I've listed the blog address below if you'd like to see more projects using paint chips!


Friday, December 9, 2011


As a painter I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest color trends. Personally I am not much on trendy anything. I help my clients make color decisions by listening to their wants and observing how they live in their space and what they describe has their style and taste.

However, I wanted to talk about this because Internet blogs and designers I network with online are all a buzz about the newly announced 2012 color. First I'll tell you a little about the "horses mouth" where this came from - PANTONE. This is a company that sets the pace in the color world whether paint, fashion or ink. They are the Pantone Matching System which is the BIG DADDY when it comes to color. It is Pantone who is making all the fuss about "Tango Tangerine". Yes, Tango Tangerine (shown above) is the 2012 color that is making news!

Being located smack dab in the Midwest I thought maybe I'd better take a closer look at what the Paint world is talking about for 2012. I'm not sure if my reputation would survive in my neck of the woods by referring clients to Tango Tangerine! Not that I have anything against Tango Tangerine... I just have to take into consideration that here in the Capital of Missouri we're usually a pinch behind and more conservative than the East and West Coast when it comes to trends. So instead of earth tones being so yesterday on the coast they actually are "today" colors for us. We are however starting to see the warm grays as well as some of the cooler grays being used which according to Pantone will still work with Tango Tangerine.

I believe the "Paint Quality Institute" sways in our direction explaining that the paint palette will draw upon the natural colors in the American landscape. Which means, Native plants and flowers, oceans and lakes (or rivers if you're near me) as well as rocks and minerals are sources of inspiration for next year. So if you're ready for a paint makeover take a look at the great American outdoors! Interesting and true, color plays a role in our emotions.

Which brings me to the economy; people are seeking a sense of calm, trust and the tried and true. Even safer than last year because we are still living in a troubled economy which we've dealt with for too long. So people will still have their homes painted with a new coat of color, but it will have to be a color that is pleasing, peaceful and comfortable for sometime. This is nothing new for this area.

Paint manufactures top pick for 2012 is a blue green hue with a cool gray cast to it. There's that calming, comfortable nature. Of course there are only a million color chips that fit the bill. I think this color will satisfy both the modern edgy decor as well as the traditional or historical style. The blue family is a perfect backdrop for other colors and materials. It plays well with wood tones and mingles great with grays and whites that are current decorating basics.I think it is safe to say that those steely blues and gray-toned hues will allow us that timeless quality we look for here in the Midwest.

I'm really excited about seeing these colors in my paint bucket this year! And I would welcome a little of that Tango Tangerine on my roller too!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011


These are horizontal stripes I did for my Nieces nursery. Notice 2 baby beds! No not twins... just a pinch over a year apart!

For a more formal look I've done the stripes vertically and tone on tone colors or a flat base coat with semi-gloss stripe in the same color. Looks pretty slick in a dining room.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


This is a before and after of a Statue Restoration I did awhile back. It was in need of a update and it was missing a figure or two!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finished "Finish"!!

I just completed this faux finish in a gorgeous kitchen! It's not all deck out yet with accessories, because it's new construction and there's still a few details for trades to complete before the new home owners get to move in and enjoy their space!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Compliments of "The Color Association of the United States"


Lake Sleeping Bag Tears Canoe

Canteen Cargo Sunburn Poison

With a hint of nostalgia, Summer Camp references the place where kids can be kids, without the distraction of technology. After being oversaturated with gadgets, 'Summer Camp' presents a glance backwards for this generation of techno savvy youngsters. This trend emphasizes an exploration of your own backyard, getting outside and seeing what nature has to offer. It presents a typical “great outdoors” palette with blue and green based hues and color names with camp references such as khaki green 'Canteen', wooden 'Canoe', and deep green 'Poison Ivy', punctuated by the unavoidable annual 'Sunburn'.

Cute little Turquoise Tray

This is just a quick little "do over" project that I just finished applying Annie Sloan wax to. I'm really lovin this turquoise color and of course the stenciled bird! It will be put to use on our kitchen table where all the mail/bills need to be contained!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doors ~ Before and After

A few days ago I took these "Before" pictures and today I got to take the "After" pictures!

Design Seeds: color window

This ones pretty darn close to the DECO CANDY I just blogged about.   INTENSE!!
 Design Seeds: color window: {color window}

Today's color Palette...courtesy of PPG Pittsburg Paints!

DECO CANDY (Why does the "C" word have to be in the title?)
Bringing together vibrant colors and fun design, Deco Candy transforms a home into an intensely joyful playground. A vivid harmony of citrus accented by this year's bright blue, clean green and tangerine, the color scheme is irresistibly optimistic. Stripes and color-blocking bring a sense of organization to what could otherwise be too boisterous a spectrum of hues (no kidding!!)

Colors awaken the senses. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors in this palette are Mother of Pearl (513-1), Persian Blue (153-5), Hearty Hosta (208-5), Tangerine Dream (123-7) and Citrus Spice (110-7)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS | PPG Pittsburgh Paints Forecasts Even Bolder Hues for Home Décor in 2012-2013

PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS PPG Pittsburgh Paints Forecasts Even Bolder Hues for Home Décor in 2012-2013: Quiet Tech
It's impossible to unplug without a place to escape to, so minimalism is the foundation of this trend. Rooms have visual interest without complication. Details and embellishments are kept to a minimum. Pale and mid-tone wood tones don't overpower the space. Shapes are rounded and tactile to keep rooms from feeling barren or cold.
In the palette, ink blues play with earthy and calming neutrals. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colours in this palette are Gray Stone (517-4), Blue Tang (449-7), Chinese Porcelain (449-6), Earthy Ocher (315-5) and Spice Delight (215-2).

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I personally don't know a lot of people that could pull this color scheme off... but here it is "BEAUTY QUEEN" compliments of PPG Pittsburg Paint Color Forecast!

This palette speaks to the apologetically confident woman. It's the return of glam with a disco sophistication. Beauty Queen strikes a feminine note but doesn't exclude her suave, charming man. It's high-intensity color that can turn light and airy on a dime. Lush and mysterious, soft and fresh, girly but not - the built-in contrasts sensation-seekers want. Ultra-slick surfaces like Lucite and mirrors capture the best spirit of the 1970s.
Sharp fuchsia pink and juicy purple are softened with cosmetic pink and freshened with this year's brighter teal and white. PPG Pittsburgh paints colors in this palette are Grape Juice (240-7), Tutti Frutti (138-7), Whirlpool (202-3), Candlelight Beige (216-1) and Brandy Alexander (535-3)

Friday, October 14, 2011


This information is straight from the "2012-2013 Insider's Color Guide"
This trend is about unplugging from a complicated life and living more simply and in harmony with one's community. It's about reconnecting with the rhythm of the seasons, homegrown foods and the materials of the region. Craftsmanship is valued. Materials are strong and honest classics: leather, wood, aged metal. Design forms are simple and familiar; antique-industrial and retro-mechanical. Folkloric patterns tell the stories of generations.
The palette is a mix of red berries, stone gray and solid brown refreshed by a creamy white. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors in this palette are Rum Punch (231-7), Burnt Red (133-7) Pralines and Cream (117-3), Earl Grey (522-5) and Poppy Pods (526-6)

That "Rum Punch" and "Pralines and Cream" sure to sound good... I haven't had breakfast yet!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


It's crazy to think that there is already a forecast of colors for 2013!!! I just received the news... and the colors are RED,PURPLE, BLUE AND YELLOW for home decor in 2012-2013. PPG Pittsburgh Paints (one of my favorites) will be coming out with new swatches for these colors and I am anxious to see just what the saturation of these hues will be! "The Voice of Color" PPG Pittsburgh Paints also has a new "Atmospheric" mix of colors that are so soft and inviting. I've attached a panel of them here for your enjoyment!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Table and Chairs Redo

These are ready for delivery. The customer is anxiously awaiting their return! This was a black set before I got ahold of it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a few "Before, During, and After" projects I'm working on these days

Some halloween Fun!

Samples for a exterior fiberglass door refinishing

More stain samples of fiberglass door refinishing

Colors for the table and chairs. Table will be in the white and chairs in the teal color.

Before picture of chairs!

Finished cabinet doors on drying rack.