Friday, December 9, 2011


As a painter I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest color trends. Personally I am not much on trendy anything. I help my clients make color decisions by listening to their wants and observing how they live in their space and what they describe has their style and taste.

However, I wanted to talk about this because Internet blogs and designers I network with online are all a buzz about the newly announced 2012 color. First I'll tell you a little about the "horses mouth" where this came from - PANTONE. This is a company that sets the pace in the color world whether paint, fashion or ink. They are the Pantone Matching System which is the BIG DADDY when it comes to color. It is Pantone who is making all the fuss about "Tango Tangerine". Yes, Tango Tangerine (shown above) is the 2012 color that is making news!

Being located smack dab in the Midwest I thought maybe I'd better take a closer look at what the Paint world is talking about for 2012. I'm not sure if my reputation would survive in my neck of the woods by referring clients to Tango Tangerine! Not that I have anything against Tango Tangerine... I just have to take into consideration that here in the Capital of Missouri we're usually a pinch behind and more conservative than the East and West Coast when it comes to trends. So instead of earth tones being so yesterday on the coast they actually are "today" colors for us. We are however starting to see the warm grays as well as some of the cooler grays being used which according to Pantone will still work with Tango Tangerine.

I believe the "Paint Quality Institute" sways in our direction explaining that the paint palette will draw upon the natural colors in the American landscape. Which means, Native plants and flowers, oceans and lakes (or rivers if you're near me) as well as rocks and minerals are sources of inspiration for next year. So if you're ready for a paint makeover take a look at the great American outdoors! Interesting and true, color plays a role in our emotions.

Which brings me to the economy; people are seeking a sense of calm, trust and the tried and true. Even safer than last year because we are still living in a troubled economy which we've dealt with for too long. So people will still have their homes painted with a new coat of color, but it will have to be a color that is pleasing, peaceful and comfortable for sometime. This is nothing new for this area.

Paint manufactures top pick for 2012 is a blue green hue with a cool gray cast to it. There's that calming, comfortable nature. Of course there are only a million color chips that fit the bill. I think this color will satisfy both the modern edgy decor as well as the traditional or historical style. The blue family is a perfect backdrop for other colors and materials. It plays well with wood tones and mingles great with grays and whites that are current decorating basics.I think it is safe to say that those steely blues and gray-toned hues will allow us that timeless quality we look for here in the Midwest.

I'm really excited about seeing these colors in my paint bucket this year! And I would welcome a little of that Tango Tangerine on my roller too!

Til next time,