Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finished "Finish"!!

I just completed this faux finish in a gorgeous kitchen! It's not all deck out yet with accessories, because it's new construction and there's still a few details for trades to complete before the new home owners get to move in and enjoy their space!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Compliments of "The Color Association of the United States"


Lake Sleeping Bag Tears Canoe

Canteen Cargo Sunburn Poison

With a hint of nostalgia, Summer Camp references the place where kids can be kids, without the distraction of technology. After being oversaturated with gadgets, 'Summer Camp' presents a glance backwards for this generation of techno savvy youngsters. This trend emphasizes an exploration of your own backyard, getting outside and seeing what nature has to offer. It presents a typical “great outdoors” palette with blue and green based hues and color names with camp references such as khaki green 'Canteen', wooden 'Canoe', and deep green 'Poison Ivy', punctuated by the unavoidable annual 'Sunburn'.

Cute little Turquoise Tray

This is just a quick little "do over" project that I just finished applying Annie Sloan wax to. I'm really lovin this turquoise color and of course the stenciled bird! It will be put to use on our kitchen table where all the mail/bills need to be contained!!